Australia is such places where Aboriginal people started civilization very early. But recent researches have found that the Aboriginal people migrated in Australia almost 50,000 years ago. A group of scientists has performed a good amount of research on the hair samples of Aboriginal people. The scientists have reported that the Aboriginal people have started migration in the eastern and western coast of Australia.

According to a report published in the Nature magazine, Scientists have also found that these Aboriginal groups were settled in these places for a significantly long period of time.At the same time, they have stayed in that place until the arrival of the Europeans which happened few hundred years ago.Therefore, it is a fair question how scientists have found the evidence of such sources which should be lost many thousand years ago.

Actually, all these expeditions started back in the year of 1920. The expedition also continued for 40 long years till 1960. During this expedition, scientists traveled widely across the Australian coastline. At the same time, Scientists have collected a significant amount of information on the anthropological collections of Aboriginal persons.

After the expedition, several films were made. At the same time anthropologist also claimed that they have identified some of the drawings and songlines of those Aboriginal people. The collections and discoveries from the expeditions were stored in a South Australian museum.

A new research team has collected those discoveries from the museum with permission. The new research team has discovered something which was hidden with those collections. They have found a small hair lock. These small air locks have a carried some significant DNA information about the Aboriginal people of the Australia. At the same time, they have also found the density and distribution of their population with that DNA information.

Therefore, it will certainly open up a new room for some significant amount of Aboriginal discoveries.