Medical science has evolved a lot in the past few decades. Therefore, with the development in the various sectors of the medical science, scientists have found better ways to preserve human and animal tissues. But in recent times, scientists are looking for a more efficient technique which will prevent any kind of damages to the preserved tissue.

In the cryopreservation technique, the different animal, and human tissues are kept at liquid nitrogen temperature. When animal tissues are kept at this temperature, these tissues can be easily brought back without having any kind of damage on them. Therefore, when it comes to the necessity of any kind of organ replacement it can be easily performed. It is something that doctors and scientists were dreaming for a very long time.

If this technique is properly executed then it would be more than helpful when it comes to saving a patient;s life. Simultaneously it will help to keep the organs safely preserved in the hospitals over a long period of time.Depending on the stats of current scenario there are about 22 people die in the United States every day due to an organ transplant failure. This number can be surely considered as a significant number and at the same time, a bit worrying too. The problem is not the shortage of organs but the problem is organ preservation. In reality, any organ can't stay on the ice without being damaged for more than few hours.

The more horrific stat is there is about 60 percent of organs which are donated are thrown away because it gets damaged before it is transplanted and that includes major organs like heart and lungs. But with the proper implementation of the Cryopreserved technique, it is believed that these important organs can be preserved for a much longer time and more lives can be saved.