In the past couple of decades, rocket science has developed by a fair margin. In fact, to be honest, at the present moment it can be easily said that the rocket science has currently reached its top level. But when talking about the rocket science then it can be easily said that it is not an easy field and most importantly it is not cheap either. But in recent years, there is a significant number of private spaceflight organizations have shown intend to tie up with NASA and it is helping different NASA projects by a fair margin.

Private spaceflight organizations like BlueOrigin, SpaceX has contributed and played a very significant part in the recent development of NASA's rocket science.These actions by different organizations have helped NASA to reduced the cost and simultaneously it has also helped to improve the quality of different rockets which have helped scientists to explore more.

This processes started back in 2012 when SpaceX become the first private spaceflight organization who delivered a cargo to the International Space Station. Previously, this type of contributions was only done by the world governments. But after the involvement of SpaceX, NASA has able to reach some significant milestones.

Currently, the company is working on a completely new type of project as they are working on a Crew Dragon. It is reported that it is most likely a next generation Spacecraft which is very much efficient in ferrying humans to the International Space Stations.

SpaceX is bringing a completely new technology while designing rockets for space projects. It has been reported that the new rockets designed by the SpaceX will be reusable. Therefore, if this technology is perfectly executed then it can reduce the NASA's project cost by a significant 30 percent. 

SpaceX has recently announced that they are willing to send two private citizens on a trip to the moon in the late next year. If this project goes successfully then it is going to add a huge feather in the cap of NASA and SpaceX.