There has been some talk of Robert De Niro and vaccines since a while now. But Robert reopened this old discussion while being interviewed on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. "Where is the science?" was his ground breaking question.

The 73 year old actor hardly seemed to look a day over 50 with his dapper suit and smiling face. "The studies have brought to us many facts and they hold the other side of the stick with other facts. It is almost like nothing is right".

Fox News states; De Niro who fathers an autistic child has his doubts about vaccinations. And although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention made an announcement stating that autism and vaccines are in no way related, Robert thinks otherwise.

Commenting on the claim of the Disease Control and Prevention Center he said "How was this settled and who exactly settled it?" Robert Niro does not seem to be letting go of these specific claims by the aforementioned center.

After he declared to make a documentary of the lies and cover-ups of the CDC regarding autism rates and vaccines, the actor withdrew his idea. But, shortly afterwards he contacted Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and they both started questioning "how safe is it to vaccinate expectant mothers and young children"?

Kennedy seems to be the best source of this information as he states he has already been offered a chair in the vaccine safety commission in Trump's presence. He apparently deserved the job as his claims are always factual and knowledgeable:

"The government keeps telling pregnant women to avoid eating mercury-laden fish so as the mothers' fetuses are not harmed. But on the other hand, the CDC injects expectant ladies with vaccines full of mercury. Not just mothers by children and infants."

Although Robert has nothing against vaccines as he and his children have been vaccinated, he still think there is more to the matter that the common civilian does not know of. He is said to be demanding more information from the experts.