The DC Extended Universe is not short of marvelous and legendary actors taking the cinema world by storm. Mel Gibson has recently joined the force. But, not as an actor but a highfalutin' director!

It has barely been decided and Warner Bros. are already contemplating to allow Gibson to lead the Suicide Squad 2 production. Although there has been no official "yes" from the actor (or director), the agreement is still in the works.

 HollywoodReporter states that there are sources that report; Mel is making himself no stranger to the set's materials. Even though his answer has not yet been verifies the studio is keeping their choices open by looking at other directors like Daniel Espinosa.

David Ayer directed part of the $745M grossing film that starred Jared Leto, Margo Robbie, Will Smith and Cara Delevingne. He was said to have faced a few obstacles but that did not stop the crew from still producing a movie so wonderful; a sequel is in the works.

But, it seems like David will not be able to come back to join hands with the directors and producers of Suicide Squad 2. Currently he is the developer of Gotham City Sirens which features that beautiful Margo Robbie.

This being the largest and highest offer Mel Gibson has been provided with when he seemed to have lost all hope in the lavish industry after his unspeakable acts of the 2000s. Not just that but when Gibson tried to get himself a cameo in The Hangover: Part II; that did not go too well either.

He was refused the part and the backlash was definitely below the belt. But, things did not continuously seem to slip through Gibson's fingers. His Oscar nominated film; Hacksaw Ridge was a turning point of his life.

And so, Gibson found himself accepting an Oscar for best director. Also; earning $164M in total, being bombarded with professional offers and is even being offered a role in Paramount's Daddy Home 2.