Jeremy Meeks became a viral internet sensation in 2014 when his mugshot was released to the press. Quite unlike the average overnight internet sensation, Meeks did not die out after his 10-minutes of fame. On the contrary, the viral sensation turned into a trending topic on Twitter and has ever since been tagged and titled with the #FelonBae and #HotFelon hashtag.

According to Time, The man in question is a felon who has faced charges related to gang activities as well as weapons. He rose to fame after a report was published about his arrest which featured his mugshot. The overwhelming flock of viewers that majorly consisted of women of all ages.

Although the attention he received was greeted by mixed views, it did not stop Jeremy from obtaining the title of a celebrity. Many people viewed the attention he received as disgusting and titled the women who were clearly struck by his vibrant eyes and gorgeous bone structure as repulsive.

While serving his sentence in jail, Meeks was offered a modelling contract which just about turned his life around. Following his release, Meeks posted multiple photos on social media showcasing the good life following his modeling contract success. To be honest, who wouldn't be a success while looking like that?

Recently, the #HotFelon made his debut in the Philipp Plein show on the runway for New York Fashion Week. The event was star studded and has many celebrities such as Tyga, Kylie Jenner, Tiffany Trump and even Madonna.

Like a true natural, Meeks strutted the collection of Philipp Plein down the runway breaking through the world of high fashion walking during fashion week. His audience was an assortment of public influencers and celebrities. The tattooed blue eyed brand new model stole the limelight in the Big Apple for the grand show.

While in New York City, he hopes to strengthen and form serious fashion industry ties. He even posted a picture none other than Carine Roifield, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue.