Justin Trudeau paid a visit to the White House this week and saying "a lot" happened would be a horrendous understatement. The Trump handshake was not only trumped down but, the Canadian prime minister sent the internet into frenzy upon receiving a glance from daughter of the U.S President.

Ivanka Trump, 35 who is currently married to Jared Kushner shared the room with Trudeau. The Guardian displays the on point photographs, which surfaced after the meeting was adjourned, that went viral in seconds under comical captions.

As the members were to be seated around a roundtable for top secret discussions, Ivanka seemed to have slipped into a reverie and sent a meaningful glance towards Justin. Although it was unsettled whether it was a look of adoration or disapproval, Twitter erupted.

Some said the daughter of the biggest man in America was 'swooning' over the charming figure of Canada. Then again, women of all ages have been seen giving the same affectionate stare to Trudeau. Kate Middleton and Emma Watson being two of them!

But, it comes as no surprise that Justin does not return the glance to any of the mentioned women. Quite loyal he is to his stunning wife; Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. The couple have been married for 12 years now.

Although no woman has received the winning glance from Trudeau, does not mean Justin can't give it to Obama. Many captures and HQ photographs have been taken from the glorious presidency days of Barack Obama that show that loving JT stare.

Twitter users made sure to point out the loving glances the pair shared during their various meetings and get-togethers. Many Twitter posts followed throwing the pair into memes that made everyone laugh till their sides were sore.

A tweet was issued from Ivanka's account talking about women leaders shortly after the hubbub settled down. Although Trump's daughter is not yet an official in the White House she has been seen participating in formal events.