The field of archeology is getting developed day by day and with the latest investment in the finance sector archeologists are now able to give some exciting results. Recently, Scientists have discovered an exciting secret about a creature which used to swim across the sea about 250 million years ago. Every time scientists discover a fossil it helps them to learn a more about that creature and at the same time, it helps them to get an idea about the environment during that period.

In recent research, scientists have discovered that a creature who used to swim in the sea 250 million years ago did not use to lay eggs. Instead, they use to give birth of their babies in a live way like many mammals.
The name of the creature is Dinocephalosaurus which is a reptile. The Dinocephalosaurus was a close relative to the dinosaurs and at the same time, it is a distant relative to crocodiles and many species of birds.
When it comes to size, then it can be easily said that the stats are really impressive as the creature had a length of four meters (Approximately 13 feet.).

The embryo which was found in the fossils was about 1.6 meter in size. Though it can be considered as an insignificant size to get any kind of details but few parts like the tail bone and elongated ribs were prominent.
According to a report from BBC, a group of scientists acknowledged that they are not completely ruling out the concept of laying eggs. They have said that if more embryos are found of that same spices then the picture will be much clearer and they can reach to any kind of conclusions.

It is expected that the species used to live in the South China sea in the middle Triassic period. Though the species is considered as a relative of crocodiles who lay eggs for reproduction. Therefore, if the recent reports are concluded as true then it will definitely write a new chapter in the field of archeology.