An interesting initiative by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden is a special clothing line with the help of the fashion designers at H&M, to promote awareness about children's health.

The unique enterprise, in partnership with the GEN-PEP, which was launched by Prince Daniel in July 2016, will strive to increase people's awareness about their health.

The idea has sparked another kind of speculation in the media - that Princess Kate Middleton is probably jealous of the Swedish royalty's enterprise. She herself once tried to come up with a clothing line that could be part of the Middleton family business. The facts were mentioned in 'Kate the Future Queen' by Katie Nicholl. Apparently, she had got the idea while on a ski holiday with Prince William in Klosters.

After returning from her holiday, she is said to have searched for the clothing as well as tried to arrive at a manufacturer for it.

However, it is more interesting to debate whether the Duchess is really "jealous" of the Swedish royals or whether the media is jealous of the public eye being trained constantly on her. For the past few months, even years, there have been a number of so-called analyses of her jealousy. They couldn't really be too close to the truth, because there isn't any measure or instrument that can read her feelings.

Kate's business plans have been quite a few but not successful. Apparently, Viyella Clothing wanted to partner with Kate, but became a flop show. The book, 'Kate the Future Queen' disclosed that she tried to hook with Jigsaw, another established fashion company, as an accessories buyer, says celebdirtylaundry.

Another rumor in 2015 said that she toyed with the idea of working with Pippa Middleton for a children's clothing line, and also an organic baby food company. However, both the business plans collapsed.

Said a spokesperson for H&M: "We were contacted by [Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel] during the spring and think it feels obvious and inspiring to be part of the initiative."

It is important to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, say the Swedish royals. This will be launched in January 2017, and will reach out to touch children.

H&M stated, "The new clothing line's slogan is functional and cool sportswear for children - for a good price."

Hence, in all these interactions, one thing is clear - that Kate Middletone isn't even remotely connected to the new business plan. Nor did she express her viewpoints. How then can her "jealous" feelings be read, even if they exist?