Selena Gomez was nowhere to be seen or heard in Taylor Swift's life on December 13 when the star turned 27. But Selena's absence was felt. By everyone, everywhere.  

It was a birthday wish bestie burst for Swift, with a number of messages from her close friends on social media. The list included Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Ruby Rose. Three of her most infamous Squad Girls, including 'Orange is the New Black' actress Ruby Rose poured out their love. Ruby said that Swift is "loyal, loving, generous." She also explained that Swift "deserves so so so much joy today and forever more."

Karlie Kloss wrote: "I feel blessed to count you as my friend, sister and partner in crime."

The awesome model, Gigi Hadid called her an "incredible friend and an inspiration."

Of course, the three friends could not celebrate the birthday in person, though Gigi at least said she was celebrating "in spirit." Karlie added that she "can't wait to celebrate together very soon."

Where, though, were best friend Selena Gomez's wishes?

There are rumors that SelGo isn't on Swift's girlfriend line-up now. Perhaps the two besties aren't all that friendly anymore? Or perhaps Selena Gomez sent her flowers and gifts in secret, without a public announcement?

The explanation is that SelGo has just decided to do with less presence in the social media.

The last we heard from SelGo was through Instagram for a very formal posting: "By grace through faith. Kindness always wins. I love you guys. God bless."

That seemed to be the end of her social presence then.

Last summer, she had been diagnosed with Lupus, and was suffering from "anxiety, panic attacks, and depression." Though she got admitted for rehab in Tennessee, and returned to public life, she warmed a lot of hearts, including Taylor Swift's, through a speech at the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 20.

But currently, Taylor Swift does not seem to be anywhere near Selena Gomez. Swift's infidelity over boyfriends and girlie best friends is well known. Even though she had been having an affair for 15 months with Calvin Harris, she simply jumped into another relationship with British actor Tom Hiddleston - for a long three months!

Where does that leave Selena Gomez, who had been a great friend, then?

The two of them attended the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards together, following it with the 2016 Grammy Awards as one another's date. However, the twosome seemed to have got divided into singles after that.

The loud silence has sparked off some new speculations. Reported OK! Magazine about Taylor Swift: "She's bored and looking for a new challenge, starting with her social life," the magazine's insider said. "As much as she loves the girls in her squad, Taylor's not so close with the likes of Karlie [Kloss] or Selena [Gomez] these days, which is why she's been hanging with Cara as well as cleaner-living pals like Blake Lively."

The source added that Delevingne is "all about partying and letting loose" and claimed Swift was hoping to "go clubbing and meet some hot guys as well as some of Cara's hip fashionistas."

That isn't hot on SelGo's personality - either now or ever.

Swift has probably been swift about her decision to not shack up with her old friend then.