With hardly a week after Donald Trump swore in as president of America, he was informed that his national security adviser misled his vice president about contacts with Russia. Michael Flynn was later on interviewed by the FBI regarding his telephone conversations with Russia's ambassador.

According to the New York Times, his fault was not about the discussed U.S sanctions with Russia. Apparently Flynn denied the fact the weeks, which misled the vice president Mike Pence and other senior officials about the nature of the conversations.

A detailed review was conducted by the White House on Flynn's interactions, these included transcripts of calls that were secretly recorded by intelligence officials of U.S. Though they have not found anything illegal, the vice president Pence was believed to be frustrated and deeply angry on Flynn's stunning downfall.

Trump on the other hand took to social media and Tweeted that the media is going crazy with their blind hatred and conspiracy theories. He further stated that the news reports was just an attempt to cover up the mistakes that was made in Hillary Clinton's losing campaign.

In an interview Flynn opened up by saying there were no lines crossed in all his conversations with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Reports stated that there have been intercepted phone calls between Trump's 2016 campaign members and the Russian Intelligence Officials. However, there was no evidence that the campaign members were working with the Russians.

In order to get to a detailed understanding the Democrats summoned an investigation into Flynn's contacts. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham stated that the Congress needs to know if Flynn had been acting with direction from others or the president himself.

It is also believed that contingency plans are being made for Flynn's disposal, as for the officials they were not allowed to discuss the situation publically.