The US federal appeals court rejected Trump's request to reinstate a travel ban which was blocked by a federal judge on Friday. The travel ban will be suspended until the full case has been heard.

Two states declared that the travel ban was unconstitutional. In its appeal, the Justice Department declared Judge James Robart had overreached by "second guessing" the president on a national security issue. According to the BBC, it also stated that only the president could decide who can enter or stay in the US.

In Friday's case, the Justice Department declared that states did not have the authority to challenge a presidential executive order. Lawyers for the states of Minnesota and Washington declared the ban was unconstitutional because it denied people, with valid entry documents, the right to travel without due process.

Muslims were the victims of the travel ban

The ban violated the freedom of religion rights by appearing to target Muslims. Iraq has praised the revocation of the travel ban. Iran said it would allow a US wrestling team to compete in a World Cup event. The US wrestlers were denied visas after Iran said it would ban Americans in retaliation for Trump's order. 

Friday's ruling has seen visa holders from the affected muslim nations scramble to get flights to United States, fearing they have a slim window to enter. The state department declared that up to 60,000 people had their visas revoked because of Trump's ban, but according to Aljazeera the number could be closer to 100,000. 

The State Department has been reversing visa cancellations according to the new rules. Customs officials told airlines they could resume boarding banned travelers. Air France, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa and other companies said they would do so.