It is a known fact that North Korea is kind of different country comparing to other countries in the world. The country is completed isolated from the other countries and it is governed by the dictatorship of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The lifestyle of the people of this country is completely different from the most of the countries in the world. It is said the country is living in the completely different century.

The North Korean people are not exempted from the internet and making connections from the outer world. They consider their leader Kim Jong Un as a god and idolize him. Even the foreigners who visit the country are bound to follow the rules of North Korea. The citizen of this country are not free to watch television too there is only on the channel available in the T.V and it talks about the so-called propaganda of the country.

There are some people from China who live in North Korea under to rule of Kim Jong Un. Those people also have to follow the North Korean rules and sometimes they have to follow more strict rules than the normal citizens. The residents in North Korea are not allowed to keep any kind of photograph on their wall as they have to keep the photograph of their supreme leader Kim Jong Un. The 2/3rd portion of the country is starving as the country is spending most of its budget for nuclear weapons and other defense sectors.

Not only the strict rules, the citizen of the country also have to pay a good amount of money to the government. The life in North Korea is so tough that there are many people who try to flee away from the country but only a few is succeeded in doing that and rest of them faces a public execution.