Russian President Vladimir Putin sends 100,000 soldiers to the country's western borders leaving a fear for safety for Europe. The soldiers will be stationed at Baltic States following a joint military exercise between Russia and Belarus.

The dispatch of the soldiers on the western border has brought on a rising tension in the region and the cryptic lack of information from the Kremlin. NATO on the other hand maybe put into a state of alarm, Philip Mark Breedlove the Ex-NATO Chief General told the US Senate that 100,000 soldiers could be taking part in the Russian war games as per the Brief Report.

General Breedlove also stated that he has been worried about the scale of the military exercises on the borders, which is directly targeted towards the west. According to Moscow's standpoint Russia is preparing to ward off foreign aggression. However, experts believe that hostile scenarios are secretly in action due to the recent events in Ukraine.

According to the Express, this has not been the first time for the maneuvers as they have been carried out near Belarus since 2009 for every four years. Reports state that Lithuania's Minister of Defense Raimundas Karoblis, believes that Russia wants to re-establish its dominance and change the defense system in entire Europe.

Some people strongly believe that this is danger for Central Europe and especially for the Baltic States. There is no exact information from the Kremlin of the operation, but NATO experts and diplomatic sources expect the numbers to be too great. The rising tension grew worse when it came to notice that Russia had repeatedly misinformed the exact number of soldiers used in its exercises in the past. 

The drill in 2013, reported 10,000 troops but certain independent analysts estimated that those numbers were actually seven times greater. On the other hand the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite warned that the "West 2017" is a preparation of war.