The USA has performed first drone strikes in Yemen for a period of three days. It has been reported that the drone strikes has been performed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of last week. According to te US officials, the drone strike is responsible for killing a good amount of Al Queda militants in Yemen. Such drone strikes are performed for the very first time under the newly elected president of the USA Donald Trump.

However, this is the very first drone strike under Donald Trump but Trump did not authorize for this operation. According to the U.S Central Command Joseph Votel, the mission was authorized by the ex-president of United States Barack Obama.

When the drone strike took place in the town Al Bayda it killed five Al Queda operatives. This report has been confirmed by the US officials in Pentagon. According to United States officials, AL Queda still counted has a threat to the Arabian Peninsula area.

Yemen is currently conflicted with civil wars at the same time major terror groups likes AL Queda is the major threats to the country. Therefore, it can be said that the current condition of this country is not very good and it is not a safe place to many citizens as well. The Houthi Rebels also causing a fair bit of trouble in the northern region of the country. Though the government is trying its best fight through the rebels.

In Recent past, AL Queda was responsible for several terror attacks in Yemen and it was considered as one of the safest places for Al Queda from where they can perform all of their activities. But after the United States has stepped into the proceedings the things have started to get difficult for the terrorist group. Hopefully, this interruption of the United States will help to bring peace in Yemen.