CES 2017 is just about to kick off on January 5 in Las Vegas where Lenovo will launch a new smart speaker which will be powered by the Alexa technology of Amazon. Experts consider it a different version of Amazon Echo.

Lenovo has claimed that people will be much more attracted to these new Alexa powered speakers. The main reason is, the new speakers will have a much affordable price and a customer-centric design.

The smart assistant is currently available in colors like Orange, Grey, Light Green. The design of the product is also reasonably elegant as well. When it comes to listening to the music, getting some alerts and creating lists, the Alexa can be very useful.

Amazon Echo is basically a microphone and it is generally powered by the Alexa technology. But in the case of this product, it will provide digital assistant as well. As the product will offer much more features than a regular one, therefore, the prize of the product would be a bit higher than a regular product. The price can be $50 more than a regular product.

Last month, Microsoft has announced to launch a speaker which will come with the digital assistant. The speaker will come in a Harman Kardon model and it will be powered by the Cortana. But this product has lost a bit interest. Therefore, all the spotlight lies on the new speaker which is powered by Amazon's Alexa technology. 

After it's announcement at CES 2017, the product will start shipping in May of 2017. The expected price will be around $129.99.