Canada which is the biggest country in the North America is considered as one of the best places for tourism and spending vacations.  Therefore, if you are planning to visit Canada then you can get a bit confused about which places you should visit as it is a very vast country. If you are confused about how you are going to spend your holiday in Canda then you have landed to the right place as today we are going to discuss top 10 places to visit in Canda in 2017.

1) Calgary

If you love cities and metropolitan areas then you can certainly opt for this particular place. Calgary it is the largest city in Alberta which is situated at the foothills of Canadian rocks. The place is known for Chuckwagon races and quality foods.

2) Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The major attraction of this place is Rideau Canal. During the winter time, Rideau Canal becomes one of the best places for ice skating.

3) Whistler

If you love high mountains and snow skatings then this place is ideal for you. The attractive resorts will make your visit much interesting as well.

4) Vancouver Island

If you love islands then this place is perfect for you. It is one of the largest islands of North America. This place is full of best hotels and resorts which will make your vacation much better.

5) Quebec City

Quebec city is one best places in eastern Canada. The place is more attractive because of its surrounding and natural beauties.

6) Toronto

The capital of Ontario has known for its cultural diversities and at the same time, the natural beauty of this place is significantly good as well.

7) Montreal

The main attraction of the second largest city of Canada is water parks and theme parks.

 8) Niagra Falls

If you want to visit the largest and most beautiful falls of the world then you must visit Canada. The Niagra falls is one of the biggest attraction of Canada.

9) Banff National Park

If you are willing to visit a breathtaking wildlife then this place is ideal for you.

10) Vancouver

The place is noted for its natural beauty. Therefore, if you love natural beauty you can certainly visit this place.