When it comes to the most popular president in the USA Barack Obama is surely considered as one of them. Though Obama is very popular among his countrymen but still he is one of the humble leaders in the US. After being elected as the president of the United States in 2009 Barack Obama is considered as one of the most successful leaders of all time. But, the presidential term of the former president Barack Obama has finished and hence he bids farewell and addresses the people.

The former US president Barack Obama continued very good work over the years and the last year in his presidentship was no difference at all. Therefore, the goodwill of Barack Obama was reasonably high. The Best thing about the presidentship of Barack Obama is that he has maintained his good will till the last date of his presidentship.
Obama has confirmed that after he is done with all of the formalities he will travel back to Chicago where he started his journey back in 2008.

During the farewell campaign, Obama has showcased all of his achievements as a president of the United States. At the same time, he has shown all the statistics of his work too. According to him, it will boost up Trump's effort to develop America in the future days.

A couple of days ago, The former first lady Michelle Obama has also addressed the people of the USA. Though her message was mostly to the youth of the nations. In her speech, she had stated that she had probably made everybody proud in the county. After the speech, she had attended an hour long interview where she had become a bit emotional.

After almost eight years of clean presidentship of Barack Obama, it is expected that Donald Trump will continue the same reputation and will work for the development of the USA.