Star Trek Ship was spotted hovering in the sky in Canada. Well, that is according to UFO skeptic Chad Haines after he posted images and videos of the highly celebrated spacecraft.

Chad Haines, who admitted he was the 'last person' to believe in this, posted a video about it in YouTubeThe UFO was spotted over Random Island, Canada, according to Haines. This man is a skeptic who declared that he was the last person to believe in UFOs, aliens or extra-terrestrials. After witnessing the UFO hovering in the sky near his house, he says he can not explain what it is.  He said it looks like a saucer, similar to the Star Trek ship from the TV series.

Haines was deleting images off his camera when he stumbled upon photographs that were taken earlier in the year. The object similar to a UFO was hovering over water near to the moon, it was visible for two to three hours. The UFO remained still most of that time, then, the object moved up and down and then it rapidly left. It was not visible anymore. Haines states the object definitely was not a plane and said the UFO was too large to be a drone. Haines never believed in UFOs but had a great surprise.

This is not the first time that a UFO appears in the same place

According to Tyler Glockner, a sighting related with UFOs happened in the same place in 1978. This time, it was a strange cigar-shaped craft that was hovering over Random Island. The police officer who spotted the UFO was subjected to so much ridicule that he barely talked about it again.