An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 has rattled southern Chile on Sunday. But fortunately, it has caused no casualty to the people. When the earthquake hit the area there was an initial threat of tsunami with the National Emergency Office of the Chile started evacuation of the people from the coastal areas. But the tsunami alert was lifted later that day.

Several witnesses reported that when the earthquake hit the area, the houses started to shake badly while the people were shocked by a huge noise. Southern Chile is known as a popular place for the tourists as it has plenty of attractions. As the festive season is going on, there was no shortage of tourists in the area where the earthquake hit. But fortunately, there was no major damages and fatalities were reported.

More than 5000 people were allowed to return their home after the tsunami alert was lifted. 

Though there were no human fatalities, there are several roads in the country that were heavily damaged, few bridges were closed, and more than 21,000 houses left powerless.

The main earthquake was followed by the dozens of aftershocks but most of those aftershocks had a mild effect and were not that much threatening. The most affected parts are the electricity and the roads. But the Chile government promises to get the things back on track as soon as possible.