Apple's Macbook Pro is one of the most discussed tech gadgets of 2016. The speculations around the release of this gadget were huge as well. The expectation around the Apple's Macbook pro is also high as well.But as soon as the device got released in the market there was some large amount of disappointments regarding the Macbook pro. The main reason for the disappointment is the battery life of the Apple Macbook Pro.

According to different reports, it was expected that the Macbook pro was expected to have a high battery life. But when it comes to the reality the situation is the lot different as the battery life of the Macbook pro is way below than it was expected. The overall performance of the PC is satisfying but the battery life is causing all the disappointments among the users.

It was expected that the Apple Macbook Pro will have a battery life of 10 hours. But when it was tested, the battery life of the device was around five or six hours. The touch models of the Macbook Pro has the least battery life. Therefore, it was heartbreaking for the users who had a lot of expectations for the touch version of Macbook pro.

The Apple is considered as one of the biggest brands in the tech market. Therefore, when such incidents happen with any of the Apple products then it can really hurt the reputation of the company and the results may not be good for the company.

The Ceo of theApple Tim Cook is expected to make a comment for this crisis as he is the best person to give all the explanations. But, it is expected that the Apple may sort out this problem from the next releases as they would also focus on including updated graphics processor and USB-C ports.