Real Madrid is currently under a one-year transfer ban for violating the transfer rules in 2005 in signing young players to the club. But, if you are a Real Madrid fan and a little bit worried about the ban, there is a good news for you. The transfer ban is now limited to the 2017 winter season only and Real Madrid can now sign new players in the 2017 summer transfer window.

Previously, Real Madrid was prevented from signing new players from Spain or other international teams for two consecutive years. But FIFA has lifted the sanction recently. However, the initial budget of the Real Madrid was also cut short. The transfer budget was around 283K Euros but was reduced to 189K Euros.

Real Madrid is not the only team in La Liga who has faced the transfer ban. In the previous season, Barcelona has faced the same problem as well. The Catalans spent an entire year under transfer ban for the same offense as their appeal to CAS was rejected.

After withdrawing the transfer ban period, Real Madrid goes through some good time as they are currently placed at No. 1 in La Liga and at the same time won the FIFA Cup World Cup against Kashima Antlers as well.

It is expected that Borussia Dortmund's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may get linked to Real Madrid in the 2017 summer. If the deal happens, the 2017-18 season can be an exciting season for Real Madrid.