The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is still ringing the till. While Angelina Jolie is very confident that she took the right step, Star magazine says that she wants her ex-husband back in her fold.

The reasons for their split have been endlessly speculated. One is Brad Pitt's alleged child abuse, from which he has already got exonerated. Secondly, his infidelity issues with a number of women, including Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow.... those are just a few of the ladies he has been tied up with.

The public and media have hauled Brangelina over the coals, especially the wife. Angelina Jolie has been made the villain of the piece. She is said to be harbouring regrets over her decision, having second doubts and rethinking her decision.

At least that is what Star magazine announces, featuring the actress on the cover with a headline that declares: "Angie's Regret: 'I Want Brad Back!'"

That is what the magazine says, and the public wants, even as they have expressed regrets for the break-up.

But does Angelina know that she wants him back? Or does she really want him back?

In a follow-up statement, the magazine explains that she is undergoing remorse and loneliness, especially after a sad Thanksgiving: "Be careful what you wish for! Lonely Angelina Jolie is seeing what it life without Brad Pitt is like - and she's having second thoughts."

Star magazine wrote: "Brad's absence was a painful reminder of just how much she has alienated him since she filed for divorce in September - and just how much she has lost."

That is what the adoring public wants, and now it's what everyone says, too.

After Brad had gone to Turks and Caicos to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday with a friend, his absence was a distressing reminder of Angelina's loss, said Star. "I don't doubt that she's telling herself over and over, 'I made a huge mistake!'", their source admitted. "I think that Angie has also come to the realization that she had the perfect family unit with Brad and the children."

Are all these rumors and speculations just wishful thinking?

Another inside source added: "Angie's asking herself if she's thrown away what could have been a lifetime of happiness with one rash move. It's turned into a very low and very hurtful experience with her."

How far is it all true?

The rumor has been dismissed by Gossip Cop. Star magazine's claim is "entirely false" and Jolie sticks by her decision, according to the site.