Poor Brad Pitt is facing a rough time, but he can get his back on his ex through one approach that was denied to him earlier. You could say there is one positive - if you call it that - to the whole mess. He has access to a number of ladies that Angelina Jolie had forbidden him from approaching when they were together.

"Taylor Schilling, Lady Gaga and even openly gay Sarah Paulson were all on Angie's blacklist for Brad," said an inside source to Radar Online. There was a reminder note - that Angelina had been "incredibly rude" to Sarah even as they were shooting for '12 Years a Slave.'

Brad Pitt has always been accused of being "fond of women", ever since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September 15. A number of speculations had erupted, wondering whether he had dated Jennifer Aniston, Marion Cotillard, Selena Gomez ... the list went on, compiled more by the media than the hot 'Allied' star.

But now that the 'Mr and Mrs Smith' pair has split finally, will he date all the women that he had tried to hit and miss then? Is he going for the wide-open fields now? His ex-wife cannot stop him from it. "He's ramping up his new social circle and actively pursuing all of the above and more for work and social opportunities," the source continued. "He's ready to finally have some fun!"

So Brad Pitt is a bachelor now, and can access anyone he wants. Not too many people would agree that he wants to be. While some people still see him as dejected and disillusioned, without the heart to go in for anyone else, there are a number of other circles who feel that he is still game for an open field when it is available, according to In Touch Weekly. 

However, the entire story has been dismissed as unreliable nonsense by Gossip Cop. Angelina never banned Brad Pitt from seeing anyone earlier, neither is he dating anyone now, says the magazine.