Even two years before their divorce filing was announced on September 15, the golden Hollywood couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, were ready to split after a "jealous argument" triggered off by the Academy Awards of 2014, reveals RadarOnline.com

As usual, gossip-mongers have flicked mud at the poor actress, calling every split and fight with Brad Pitt the outcome of a "maleficent, awful, jealous, scheming..." woman, who seems to be responsible for everything wrong under the sun.

"She behaved so badly that night, trying to steal all the attention from him with her ridiculous leg," an insider said. 

The beautiful actress wore a special gown with a "thigh-high slit" on one side during the Oscar Award night. It was called an attention-seeking tactic by her opponents.

"She was so awful to him and his Plan B team that he cut short his own celebration with the 12 Years A Slave co-stars," continued the insider. "She wouldn't let him enjoy the win for even a second."

The source said that the actress' bad behavior at the time "marked months of her eye rolling and getting jealous and bored of Brad and Plan B dominating everything in the lead-up to the Oscars."

It was followed by a huge fight on that night, leading to a mutual agreement to end in a split, added the source.

Still, the couple managed to put some rough patches over their differences of opinion, with a wedding on 2014. That was said to be an "attempt to patch up the damage" that started with the awards season much earlier that year.

Finally, perhaps they really did fight in 2014, and perhaps it triggered a series of incidents leading to the final divorce filing. At present, though, things are murkier than one can even imagine.