BBC One's drama series, Poldark, is returning on televisions a few months from now and viewers and fans can't help but get thrilled over the possible twists and events that the new season would offer.

In July this year, the network has announced that the series is renewed for a third season to the delight of the fans. The show's second season aired its finale episode on November 6th this year. Thus, loyal fans of the drama series are highly anticipating the third season premiere next year.

There has been a lot of speculations and rumors regarding on the events that viewers could likely expect when the episodes of season 3 start airing. According to University Herald, one of the scenes that fans would like to know in the upcoming season is the future between Ross Poldark, portrayed by Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson's character, Demelza Poldark, Ross' wife.

It can be recalled in the late episodes of the second season that the two had a rough relationship and would probably lead for them to separate. This was because Ross has been frequently womanizing, specifically to his first love, Elizabeth Warleggan, portrayed by actress Heida Reed.

Elizabeth can be recalled to be pregnant and it has been speculated that the father of the child is no other than Ross Poldark. In another report, the events of the upcoming season will likely show the two characters to end up together, as they have been in love with each other for a long time now.

As far as the fans are concerned, among the characters, Caroline Blakiston's character, Aunt Agatha, has been the only one, so far, that suspects Ross to be the father of Elizabeth's child. But it's reportedly not sure yet if the two are going to unite in season 3 as their respective partners in the series will be plotting revenge on Ross.

According to a report, Elizabeth's husband, George Warleggan, has not been informed of her pregnancy yet. But it is reported that he will find out about this revelation on the upcoming season. By then, the rift between him and Ross is going to ignite once again. 

Meanwhile, Ross' wife, Demelza will also reportedly get furious about the situation. The source claimed that she will not be brushing aside the situation with his husband and Elizabeth's alleged child and this would cause confrontation between the three characters.

There are indeed a lot of events that fans anticipate in this BBC One drama series. Since Poldark Season 3 has been announced to air starting next year, fans are just going to have to wait to know how true these speculations are.