With the escalating levels of natural catastrophes including floods and a higher amount of rainfalls, many scientists are coming to a conclusion that the rise in sea levels is evident and disturbing.

The 300-food wide crack in the Antarctic ice is on the verge of breaking off by the next decade. The crack will allow an unexplainable rise in sea levels by at least 10 feet. And such a rise in sea levels is enough to plunge cities like New York and Miami.

Captured by the NASA's Operation IceBridge Mission, the picture shows a 300-wide crack in the Antarctic ice shelf known as Larsen C.

The issue is alarming and can cause a major distress if not addressed on the spot. The crack is 70-miles long, third of a mile-deep rift and continues to bolster the crack due to unstoppable causes of global warming.

As for now, research establishes that the crack has not been completely torn away from the ice shelf. When the complete ice shelf, known as Larsen C breaks off totally, it would create an 82-centimeter rise in sea levels.

However, the alarming case in this aspect is that the crack will allow the dams to pass more water, thus, raising the sea levels ultimately. As far as the complete disintegration of Larsen C is considered, it is predicted to take place in the next decade, but scientists fear it might happen earlier before the supposed period.

The Antarctic ice shelf consists of three shelves, namely Larsen A, Larsen B and Larsen C. The complete crackdown of Larsen A happened due to the glacial cycle, naturally. However, Larsen B's collapse came as in a shock for many of the researchers. It disintegrated just three months after the crack was found.

Scientists and researchers are worried about the forthcoming crack of Larsen C. The same happened in the case of Larsen B when the increase in air and sea temperature added to its complete disappearance.

According to NASA, the ultimate break-off of Larsen C will be as big as Delaware. Another research establishes that the ice shelf is the size of Scotland and if proper measures are not taken, it will be melted completely and the rise in sea levels can be an actual cause of jeopardy.