Are you hoping for a victorious love life, but does anxiety keeps coming on your way making it unmanageable?

The nerve-wracking and worrisome situations in one's life can actually impede the ability to think straight. The feeling or disorder of anxiety sweeps through it as it is a said reaction to a stressful or an uncontrollable situation.

Dry mouth, enhanced heart palpitations, the state of nausea and a racing heart can all add up to the symptoms of an anxious state. And while the anxiety outbreak is on rife, it has entangled the meaningful associations and dragged them in jeopardy.

As the Daily Mail suggests, people with anxiety tend to over analyze situations which allows them to have an undesirable lookout of their own thoughts. Social situations can be a handful for them as they tend to be highly self-critical which can render them in an unpleasant situation.

But for those who are seeking for an extraordinary love life can actually fight against anxiety as dating can be a very daunting probability for the sufferers. If anxiety stands in your way and create hitches for you when you're trying to make a romantic connection with someone, you can easily overcome it by following scientific techniques.

Don't think about the negatives

People with anxiety, as mentioned above are highly critical and judgmental of themselves. They consistently think about the aspects that may harm them, thus, producing a highly negative mental state which is produced by the vulnerability of their position.

They worry that situations might not go according to the way as planned and dread that they might end up humiliating themselves.

So as soon as negative thoughts start building up in your mind, divert your attention and try to relish the pleasant moment you're living in.

 Higher negative mental thoughts can render a physical body in fear as the body tends to produce higher amounts of stress hormones, leaving the individual in the state of misery.

Breathing exercises tend to be quite impactful when anxiety kicks in.

Let go of your fears

The panacea is to face your fears, not to forestall them.

The consistent practice of exposing yourself that stirs the feeling of intimidation can help you overcome your fears.

 Not only in dating, but in other spheres of life as well. When it comes to your romantic life, try to build conversation in bits and pieces.

If you fear you'll embarrass yourself, loosen yourself a bit more and you will notice how resilient you are, as you will be able to tackle the less favorable situations as per your mood.

Communicate with your partner, crack in some jokes and be confident throughout the social events as it can give you greater control when you're in the company of others.

Try to avoid repetition of conversations in your mind

The more you react to baseless thoughts in your mind, the more you are allowing them to grow in your head.

 Known as the problem-focused coping, make sure to avoid constantly going over situations that are in your head as they can increase the chances of anxiety. Try not to address uncertain situations in your mind as it can upsurge anxiety.

 According to research studies, people who don't replay conversations in their heads have a much more stable mental health and have a positive outcome in their lives and in other social gatherings.

For example, your partner has said something to you and you're unable to tackle it in a good way, make sure to communicate properly rather than troubling yourself. It's better to let go of redundant thoughts that can hamper your emotional well-being.

Reality check - make sure your partner is worth it

After all the hassle, it is essential to understand that is the person you're socializing with is worth it.

Instead of focusing on your negatives and shortcomings, build up your confidence so that you can analyze whether the person in front of you appeals to all the effort you're making.

Don't be self-critical; try to analyze the other person so that you will have less chances of being hurt in the future as these feelings might catalyze reactions for panic attacks and other anxiety disorders.

Just loosen yourself, sit back and relax. Try to find the right partner for you by not overanalyzing yourself and thinking that you're of no worth.

The research was conducted by Olivia Remes, a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge.