Numerous reports have given some strong indication that there will be an official Sims content announcement within this week. There have been no specifications whether it would be an update, stuff pack, or some other DLC, but the announcement reveal came via Twitter. SimGuruDrake recently responded with a winky face to a player asking whether players can expect some news on Thursday.

Stuff Pack for winter

The last quarterly teaser has already revealed that there will definitely be a new stuff pack this winter. The only teaser on the theme was an icon with a picture of a tuxedo. However, the stuff pack will come right after a Holiday Celebration Pack, which could be released in the form of a free patch in December. There's a strong chance that The Sims 4 announcement will be related to the future content teaser released earlier this fall, and not the brand new content.

Pets and Seasons

There was also some speculations last October of a Pets and Seasons DLC being incorporated in the game. The rumor mill went off after a Reddit post from a Sims developer giving some hints that those two staple Sims packs could be in the works.

Pets and Season not yet confirmed

Seasons and Pets would definitely please the fans. However, there were no further announcements regarding Pets and Seasons afterward, so if The Sims are truly developing those packs, it will probably be a long while before they release it.

EA will make the big noise

As the rumors are starting to get out of hand, SimGuruDrake swooped in to calm the storm. She reminded the fans and players that any official announcements will come directly from EA's North American offices at Redwood Shores (EARS).

The Spring Challenge ending

Thursday's Sims patch will conclude the Spring Challenge, so make sure you've harvested all your grow fruit and have found all available Easter eggs. Updates on EA's official announcement will be monitored on a consistent basis from now on.