After several speculations and reports have been surfacing online, English entertainer, Cheryl Fernandez, had finally decided to let the public know about the truth. On a recent event, she proudly showed off her baby bump, confirming the issues about her and partner, Liam Payne's first baby.

According to The Sun, The X Factor judge had already told her family and close friends about her pregnancy with the One Direction singer. On a recent charity event, Cheryl can be seen in the photos released by the publication that she was proudly rubbing on her baby bump, with her partner by her side.

The source further stated that the 33-year old singer will not be making any formal announcement but instead focus on making music while waiting for the baby to come out. An insider had revealed that during the event, Cheryl was not hiding anything, especially her baby bump. It is contrary to what other reports have been claiming before.

The singer was reportedly excited about her pregnancy because starting a family was what she had always wanted since she had been a grownup. However, the insider additionally stated that Cheryl is going to do things her way, which can explain why she wanted privacy.

A report from Mirror UK had additionally claimed that the "Call My Name" singer was apparently glowing while thanking all the well-wishers who were congratulating her on her pregnancy. As per the source, Cheryl Fernandez and Liam Payne were mum about the issue at the start because of a number of reasons, one of which is Cheryl's personal experiences from her past relationships. 

Because of this, fans and the media are now a hundred percent sure that the two celebrity singers are indeed expecting their first child. The couple had long been plagued with pregnancy rumors.

Since May, Liam Payne had been scrutinized over the fact that he was dating a woman ten years older than him, where he was been dubbed as a "baby daddy" by most people. But this time, he is more than proud and has been preparing himself on being a future father for his child with Cheryl Fernandez. Question is, is marriage on the cards?