One of the most private couple of Hollywood, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, are now rumored to be getting back together after previous reports which were claiming that they have broken up.

It was previously reported that the actor's denial to make their relationship public had made Holmes impatient and caused trouble to their rumored romance. Foxx on the other hand had reportedly felt pressured with Katie Holmes which caused the split on October.

But this time, recent reports are claiming that the two have got back together. The private couple reunited this month after few weeks of rumored breakup. The couple never officially announced to the public the real status of their relationship but there hangouts, date nights and public appearances are reportedly enough for the two to indirectly confirm their relationship.

However, there has been reports of the Django Unchained actor to have been seen with a mystery woman which made the fans question him for his commitment on relationship with the 37-year old actress. However, a source close to the actor had revealed that he is indeed back with the Holmes and the actress' friends are reportedly glad to hear the news.

On the other hand, the Batman Begins actress' former husband, Tom Cruise is reportedly still trying to keep them away. The Mission Impossible actor apparently does not want another father figure near Suri, his daughter with Holmes. 

This is reportedly the reason why Jamie Foxx would never publlicized his relationship with the actress. Cruise has been the main factor why breakup rumors of the two rumored lovers are surfacing online. It can be recalled that as part of the divorce settlement, Cruise and Holmes agreed that she will not be dating another guy for the next few year after the divorce.

However, the speculations have not yet been confirmed by either Katie Holmes or Jamie Foxx but fans are surely going to be happy for them when they announce their true dating status.