The eldest Duggar son, Josh Duggar, is back with the family. Josh finally reunited with his loved ones, including his wife, Anna, and four children, during the Thanksgiving celebration of the reality TV family from the series "Counting On."

On the family's official Facebook page, a photo showed Josh during the Thanksgiving, fueling various reactions from fans upon learning that the troubled Duggar son reunites with his family.

Fans who see the post pointed out that they were glad that Josh came back with a healthy aura, opposite from before where he looked stressed.

But Inquisitr reported that some fans were upset of his comeback considering that the show has banned him for life.

Last year, Josh pleaded guilty to molesting his underage siblings, including her sisters, which resulted to the cancellation of their reality series, 19 Kids and Counting, at TLC network.

The scandal took a toll on the show. The family lost mostly all their supporters, advertisers and promoters which opt the network to cancel the show before it could get worse.

The spin-off series, Counting On, which is currently airing, did not get as much support as the original but fans of the Duggar family were still there to keep up viewership. 

But this time, as The Hollywood Gossip reported, Josh's presence suprised the fans. It was even reported that this might be a way for the eldest Duggar to be in the spotlight again.

According to a source, Josh is not supposed to appear in any single Counting On episode. It was never clear from the network if they had totally banned the former star from the show.

It seemed that the network allowed this change to the series. As per the source, Josh Duggar is now 'creeping back' to the family's spotlight.

However, the network has not commented on anything yet about Josh's possible come back. If this happens, the reactions from the fans could affect the viewership and ratings of the show.