On Saturday, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, had released an unprecedented statement through the Kensington Palace, which showed his support for his brother, Prince William and girlfriend, Meghan Markle, slamming previous reports that claimed he was unhappy for them.

According to Independent, there has been reports earlier this month that claimed Prince William was "deeply unhappy" about Prince Harry's highly publicized relationship with the American actress. It can be recalled that the actress reportedly experienced media scrutiny which made the younger Prince release a plea condoning the action.

As Telegraph UK reported, Prince William had released a statement, announced by the Palace, which was another unprecedented moment, next to Prince Harry's announcement just weeks before. The statement said, "The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him." 

It was a bold move for the Prince and the Kensington Palace as the Prince had never issued a statement before regarding his personal life except the time when he had to deny that he was in a relationship with Jena Craig before he began dating Kate Middleton.

Moreover, as reported by Vanity Fair, Prince William had reportedly given his blessing to his brother when the relationship was publicized. The source said that the Royal brothers had a heart-to-heart talk where they thoroughly decide whether it was right to make a public plea for the people, especially the paparazzi, to stop harassing the actress.

Markle had been reported to experience harassment from trolls and media when her relationship with the Prince was announced.The conversation with his brother had reportedly made Prince Harry's decision to release a public plea. Additionally, the elder Prince agreed to his brother's sentiment that the situation had gone too far, thus a need for the plea.

With the statements released by the Palace, the royal princes, Prince Willliam and  Prince Harry as well as the other royal members are hoping that the media men are going to control their actions and leave Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle, alone.