AMD Radeon RX 490 is said to come as a dual chip GPU. While AMD is still silent about the other details, however latest reports claim that video card will be released in the coming year.

While there has been no official confirmation yet from AMD, their own website accidentally listed the Radeon RX 490 as one of their products in July 2017. This listing has been taken down but the slip-up from AMD themselves more or less confirms the existence of the video card, reports Yibada.

Details regarding the RX 490 specs are still vague, but most believe that it will come close to the GTX 1080 with the capability to run games at 4K and it could also have a Dual Polaris 10 GPU.

The AMD Radeon RX 490 will be another VR-ready card from the company and fans are expecting that it would be powered either by the dual Polaris 10 GPU or the Vega 10 GPU. More like towards the speculations of the card using a Polaris chip considering that the Vega GPU will be launched in 2017 instead.

Other proof that points to the RX 490 is being powered by a dual Polaris 10 GPU instead is the Zuba shipping manifest is the insurance for the card was shown to be double compared to other cards in the market.

The upcoming RX device is also said to be powered by a processing power of more than 1.5TFLOPs, which should push an accelerated speed of up to 60 frames per second at 1080p. In addition, AMD Radeon RX 490 is reported to come with a bandwidth that is higher compared to the current 256bit, Reports GameNGuide

The next-gen graphic card is also believed to release at a reasonably lower market price as compared to its other rivals.
Watch the comparision of AMD Radeon RX 490 and NVIDIA GTX 1080-