Several new pieces of information surrounding "Mass Effect: Andromeda" have surfaced from several sources over the internet, which have gone in-depth into the game just a few months ahead of its official release in Spring of next year.

A Bioware representative said that the sci-fi RPG is using CGI trailers from the original series as the target for the RTS gameplay graphics in "Mass Effect: Andromeda." This is mostly due to the power and capabilities of the Frostbite engine that required them to create all assets, tools and systems from scratch for this entry.

Mac Walters, the game's Creative Director, said that the main character of Ryder is going to be much more of a blank slate when compared to the trilogy's Commander Shepard.

"Shepard came on the scene, and it felt like they had already accomplished a lot, done a lot, and seen a lot - but I hadn't," said Walters.

"That whole universe was new to me, and so there was a bit of a disconnection between me and my player character right from the beginning," he added.

With this, Walters intended to close the gap as much as possible without going full amnesia.

Bioware to make surprises

Bioware also claim that while not all the known races will be showing up in the first game of this new saga, that is going to happen over the course of future chapters in the game series. Though the scope of the game is massive, its aim is going to be much more about quality than quantity on Mass Effect.

Unlike earlier version, in Andromeda, you can definitely continue exploring the galaxy even after the main story has been completed. The first gameplay trailer will be released on Dec. 1 during The Game Awards.