Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo starts to banner NFL news today. After suffering a back injury during a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, Romo is still recovering but was able to join practices for quite some time.

But rumors are spreading that the Denver Broncos are still chasing him even the NFL trade deadline expired.

Earlier reports linked Romo to numerous trade rumors including transfer talks to the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. However, both rumors failed to progress as the trade deadline elapsed last Nov. 1. But it doesn't mean that the Broncos will stop pursuing the 36-year-old quarterback.

According to Latin Post, after their loss to the Oakland Raiders last Sunday, the weakness to Broncos offense was exposed by the Raiders and a deal to acquire Romo might give them a total improvement in that department. Broncos' offense is not as good as their defense

Currently, the Broncos offense is putting up only 23.8 points (13th) and total yards of 323.3 (28th). The stat confirmed earlier reports that Broncos starting QB Trevor Siemian will not bring the team to great glory and might jeopardize their season.

Many pundits are now saying that the Broncos must make a move to save their season by going after Romo.

On the separate report by TGD, a bid to snatch Tony Romo from Dallas Cowboys is the best option for the Broncos now. Having the four-time Pro Bowler on their fold will immediately give a boost to the Broncos offense and will bring in his 14-year experience in the process.

The report also said that one analyst pointed out that Siemian together with rookie Paxton Lynch will form the future of the team but as of this moment they are not deemed to bring the team to Super Bowl 51. And for the Broncos to defend the title they must pitch into the Cowboys this early and try to steal Romo from them as further advice by the analyst.

Will the Denver Broncos make a huge offer to the Dallas Cowboys to give up Tony Romo?