After couple of months of waiting, the update for Clash of Clans by Supercell finally arrived. It was initially scheduled to be released in September.

While it's relied upon to present two or three weighty components, there's something that got the eyes of the players. The Miners are said to have been nerfed, secretly. 

As indicated by All Clash, Supercell has made some obscure (or, as it were, mystery) changes to Clash of Clans. The changes have also been applied to the Miners. Thus, subsequently, they have all the earmarks of being weaker contrasted with their past editions. 

All things considered, this has for quite some time been a subject inside the Clash of Clans people group. Most, if not all, fans trust that the miners had more powers than they should have had. They even went to a point where they asked for the organization to nerf it. 

The updates done to the Clash of Clans' miners are reasonable. As uncovered by Supercell previously, they mean to make the game more adjusted than it was some time recently. In this way, in somehow, the said changes are satisfactory. 

It's important, nonetheless, that no detail changes were connected to the Clash of Clans Miners. As what most commentators say, it was merely a bug fix that the engineers thought it was important to push ahead with. Also, yes, the updates are entirely detectable in the game. 

For example, miners - because of the bug - turned into a tank in Clash of Clans. It was never intended to do such or even equipped for doing. Shockingly, it could do as such due to the issue. With the most recent update, it's as of now fixed, taking the character back to its expected appearance and ability. 

Regardless of whether this is an intriguing expansion to Clash of Clans, there are some who thinks that it's silly. The move was highly uncalled for, considering the way that the studio didn't give out any appropriate correspondence. This is most notably justified because the developers of the game classify it as a bug fix.