Two years back, Facebook referred to worries as it yanked a way that had permitted President Barack Obama's campaign to tap insights about his supporters' companions and contacts. 

But now, Hillary Clinton's campaign has reproduced it, permitting her volunteers to contact incomprehensible quantities of people they know on the social network - and giving her what her patrons consider a key favorable position over Donald Trump weeks before the race. 

Facebook had no remark on the Clinton campaign's strategy, which depends on specific components in how the organization's iPhone applications interface with users' contact records.

The new tool, which Clinton's group debuted on Thursday, is yet another case of the way political campaigns have tried to achieve Americans who have abandoned landlines but are continually attached to their mobile phones.

For one brief window amid Obama's campaign, Facebook was an answer for that issue, offering a component that permitted the president's campaign to access supporters' records, if they deliberately shared them.

The instrument additionally recommended focused on messages that supporters could send their contacts on Facebook to urge them to give donations, enlist to vote, or share their excitement for the candidate. 

The Clinton application prompts users to pick a companion and ask them with the help of scripted instant message to donate, join the mailing list, or go thump on doors and request votes for Clinton's sake. 

The Clinton application has been downloaded more than 150,000 times, as indicated by the campaign, and last time anyone checked, U.S. Facebook users had 340 friends on average. With this, the campaign can reach millions on a friend-to-friend basis.

The Clinton campaign trusts the new ability will rally its supporter base and propel its ground diversion through focused smaller scale activities, in this way boosting donations, volunteer hours, and votes on Nov. 8 election day.