This summer, fans all over the world witnessed the madness over Pokémon GO, dramatically increasing the usual fan base of whole Pokémon series. Therefore, Pokémon Sun and Moon, the seventh entry in mainstream series, was the next anticipated thing.

Being played for past 20 years, its basic formula failed to deviate much, but the recent progress with basic subtle baby steps sought to correct that. These subtle changes have kept things fresh step by step in every new series. In Pokémon Sun and Moon the script is brand-new with new settings and all-new Pokémon.

A couple of hours of gameplay can make one realize that a Pokémon addict stays an addict, trying to "catch 'em all" with the November launch. It presents Pokémon as living, breathing, often out of hand creatures same as Pokémon anime series, feels like an adventure to wait for.

The game comes up with a lot of new advancements something which enhances the gameplay to great levels and builds anticipation with every turning point.

The game opens up in new Alola region with some of its inhabitants, starting with Professor Kukui. Although, after spending years and years with our dear Professor Oak, seeing this new professor with and open lab coat and nothing underneath appears to  e quite disconcerting.

After creating the character, the character wakes up inside the new Alolan home. Shortly after, it meets Lilie, who is the Professor's co-worker. She plays a key part in the Sun and Moon story. The gyms in this game are replaced with new "Island Challenge", in which the players have to face Trial Captains in the new "island challenge". Each of these captains provide the player with different tasks. After the challenge, in order to improve the relation with the trainer and the Pokemons, the players have to feed, groom, and take care of them.