Max Spiers was geared to bring out a lot of exposes regarding politicians and celebrities, who were responsible for practising what seemed to be "black magic," says his fiancee. But the UFO expert was done away with before he could reveal anything.

The 39-year-old father of two had been busy investigating the dark arts in the final months of his life. But he was discovered dead in Poland in a sofa, with "black liquid" oozing out from his mouth.

Now why could that be? Was it really the "black oil" that aliens employed when they wanted to haunt human hosts in "The X-Files" TV series?

Vanessa Bates, his mother, is convinced that he has been poisoned by occultists and Satanists.

Just before he died, he seemed to be drugged, as his speech was slurred and he could not string sentences together.

She said that when she called him, she could hear something like "satanic rituals" over his body.

"There were strange suggestions of things that should be done like put milk by this side and get garlic and put flowers and put vinegar and very weird goings on," she told The Mail. "I could hear it being said. It sounded like rituals going on. Some sort of satanic rituals.

"I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead," she said.

A "threatening" book on Satan worship was even sent to her by the Polish woman who Spiers stayed with before he was killed. She also received a photograph of her son wounded on his head and also in a coffin.

His 31-year-old fiancée, Sarah Adams, is distraught. "He was going to expose black magic. He was going to expose some of the stuff he was working on involving political leaders and celebrities," she said.

Death had been a much discussed issue between the couple a number of times, although they were planning a secure future together.

"We were used to getting death threats or stuff like that from people, but I think this time it seemed rather real," she said. "He'd been sent threats saying that him and me were going to die."

She refuses to believe that he could have killed himself, as they had been planning to have a child together.

"I was going to have his child. He had messaged me hours before," she said. "It definitely couldn't have been anything like suicide or something like that."

He had arrived in Poland in the summer in order to talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs. He was quite deep into the issues related to aliens and their issues over the years, after he finished a government "super soldier" program.

What really caused his death and why did he ooze out the black liquid through his eyes and mouth? There are a number of explanations. Some believe that it could even be linked to the alien virus, Purity, in the "X-Files."

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