Another UFO sighting was captured on video by an air traffic radar in New Zealand. Numerous UFO sightings were already reported and filed by witnesses to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for investigation. Some of them were already featured on documentaries and television series.

Earlier articles have featured UFO appearances in England and Colorado. Sightings of a UFO between the island of Ireland and England were captured in photo by an unnamed witness while on board on a jet plane. News of a UFO appearance in Chesterfield, England was also recorded and shared by a witness on Youtube.

But now, many UFO hunters and enthusiasts are saying that a video of a UFO caught hovering the sky in New Zealand was undeniably the best proof of "alien life form" here in our planet, according to News Now, a morning news TV program in New Zealand, reported and released the actual footage of a zooming aircraft that was said to be speeding 120 times faster than a regular airplane from New Zealand to Canberra, Australia.

The report also said that the flying object was caught on radar by an airline tracker and gave it an ID name of ZED-KG-DG. Many UFO fanatics have already posted their comments on what was shown on the video and many say that it was moving so fast that it could surpass the most advanced military aircraft on Earth.

Aussie Network News said that Scott Waring, a famous ufologist and alien blogger, has released a statement on his website, saying that he checked the FAA website to find out if they have records of ZED-KG-DG, noting afterwards that it doesn't exist. Waring also said that many alien aircrafts providing substantial proof have never been admitted by the US government, as he accused it of covering them up with the help of the FAA.

One viewer also posted a comment, saying that what was shown in the video is perhaps just a technical glitch in the system. NASA was also blamed for hiding data earlier this month when they cut off a live stream when a suspected alien craft was flying near the International Space Station (ISS).

True or not, there's no stopping UFO hunters and enthusiasts from searching for the truth and gathering significant evidence proving that UFOs and aliens exist.