MUFON, or the Mutual UFO Network, is one of oldest and largest UFO-investigating body in the US. Their task is to investigate alleged cases of UFO sightings in the whole world. The established organization claimed that they have 3,000 members worldwide and 75 field investigators.

For over the years, MUFON have investigated a thousand of UFO sightings that they received from people all over the world. Some of it have been featured on documentaries and television series. And just recently, another image of UFO have captured their attention.

According to FX News Call, an alleged photo of suspected UFO sighting was sent by an unnamed photographer just recently. The high-definition picture of an unidentified spacecraft was caught circling above an island between Ireland and England. The image is now in the hands of MUFON investigators and they're now determining if it is an authentic proof of UFO.

The report also says that the photo was taken last August 13 above the Isle of Man and describe that the "reflection" of a metallic disc of the unidentified flying object tells it all that indeed it is an alien spacecraft.

On the separate report of Daily Express, the image was taken by an HD camera and its shows a "silvery colour" that looks like a metallic disk that is hiding on the clouds. The unnamed photographer narrates that it seems like the flying saucer is observing them, scanning the passenger jet where they are boarding and its technology.

The report also says that the unnamed photographer described the object like a "leaf above the sea" and then it suddenly shoots off towards the clouds and "left southbound at an extreme speed". Now, UFO authority declare that reflection of the object shows that it is metallic and not a bird.

As of the moment, MUFON is still investigating the image for further analysis. Why do UFOs come and visit Earth? What are they trying to tell people?