Experts have yet to clarify several news of mysteries regarding Earth, particularly when it comes to extraterrestrial life. Aliens, as they are called, form the bulk of those unexplained news. Questions on where aliens come from, why they are visiting Earth, and whether they're set on planning an invasion, are just some of those that have yet to be answered.

Many conspiracy theorists claim that they have proof that aliens do visit and live on our planet. Some of these proofs are the Madonna and Child painting, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Nazca Lines, and others. And just recently, another buzz pertaining to an alien stopover was seen by those living in the area.

According to The Sun, video footage of two strange lights moving in a synchronized motion above the sky was shared by residents online, believing that the orbs of light came from alien spacecrafts. The strange episode happened last September 27 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England.

The footage was uploaded on YouTube by Wayne Austin, as stated in the report. Many people were able to experience the unusual event around Manchester and most of them can't believe what they just saw. Some say that the event transpired for 5-10 minutes and noticed that the movement seems to be well-coordinated.

Conspiracy website UFO Sightings Daily believes that the video provides convincing proof that the bizarre lights are UFOs. They say that it's for people to see and watch if they will believe it.

News Archives USA also reported the incident and Fiona Jordan, one of the residents, described what she saw as "little cloudy lights on the horizon that seems to be dancing". She claimed that the incident took place at around 10pm and watched them for 20 minutes. She also said that she saw one above her neighbor's house and two-three above another neighbor's house.

Are the sightings in Chesterfield will be a proof of the existence of aliens? Watch the video here: