England, one of the UK's most prominent countries, is famous for its great architectural attractions such as the Big Ben. It's also the home of well-known writers like Shakespeare and famed band The Beatles. Its majestic countryside scenery and mystical landscape count as among its majestic features.

Do any of these count as reasons why England is always visited by unidentified flying objects (UFOs)?

Just recently, a glowing UFO was again sighted in the country and made a stopover for over an hour, according to The Sun. The event happened last October 06 at around 8:50 pm at Yorkshire town. The mystifying flying object was caught on video by former cop and now UFO hunter Gary Heseltine.

Heseltine further narrated that he recorded the event using his night vision camera and only thought that the bright light came from a plane in the sky. But as the object moved closer, he can clearly see the triangular form of the entity in a green neon light. He also saw red lights that blinked at random on and off, leaving him astonished.

In a report by Mirror.co.uk, Heseltine is convinced that the video footage is real and will be used as evidence that extraterrestrial life forms do exist. The report also says that Heseltine is a well-known "UFO-logist" in the UK and has been hunting UFOs since 2013 when he retired from the police force.

Earlier reports have been featured on previous articles when UFOs are seen hovering the sky of England. UFO sightings between Ireland and England were taken in a photo by an unnamed photographer while on a jet plane. Reports of a UFO appearance in Chesterfield, Derbyshire has been recorded and shared by a witness in Youtube.

With all these happening, what seems to be the reason behind UFO appearances in England? Are they looking for something or just want to make contact with humans?