Microsoft is not safe from the scrutiny of the public up until this date, despite the supposed improvements that it has put in its Windows line over the course of many years. In reality, the company was never safe from criticisms from the very start of its existence. Windows 10 users are said to be experiencing a number of technical problems regarding the latest OS of Microsoft.

Andrew Laughlin, a senior researcher says on a Blogpost last Thursday, "We've received well over 1,000 complaints about Windows 10, as well as plenty of comments ... with PC users telling us that this software update has brought them nothing but problems."

Simple Problems Plague Windows 10

According to Which, some  of the many crucial problems that Windows 10 is currently facing are due to printers, Wi-Fi cards and speakers that aren't functioning properly. Also, files are being lost as well as email accounts that are not anymore syncing properly.

Laughlin added, "In some cases, members' computers were so badly affected that they had to pay someone to repair it."

Microsoft's Defense Regarding Windows 10 Issues

Another Microsoft spokesperson tells CNBC calls the Windows 10 upgrade a "choice designed to help people take advantage of the most secure, and most productive version of Windows. With more than 350 million monthly active devices now running Windows 10, the vast majority of customers who have upgraded to Windows 10 over the past year have had a seamless, positive experience."

According to BBC, Which has surveyed 5,500 of its own members regarding the Windows 10 issue. The results of the survey confirm that a significant number of the Windows user who has gone back to using the older Windows 8 operating system is real, with 12 percent out of the 2,500 surveyed people using the older platform.