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Microsoft launches all-new Nokia 216

Microsoft Corporation will be releasing its new Nokia phone in October this year. The 216, which runs on a Series 30+ OS and has an alphanumeric keypad, is slated to be the most basic phone of the year.

By Brian Ang | Sep 22, 2016 11:18 PM EDT

Microsoft Comes Out with the new Nokia 216
A 'Nokia' logo sits illuminated outside the Nokia pavilion at the annual Mobile World Congress, one of the most important events for mobile technologies and a launching pad for smartphones, future technologies, devices, and peripherals. The 2016 edition runs under the over-arching theme of 'Mobile is everything' expanding the MWC to cover every aspevt of mobile. (Photo : Matthias Oesterle/Corbis via Getty Images)


In a surprise move, Microsoft Corporation introduces yet another feature phone for 2016. The Nokia 216 comes in without so much fanfare except perhaps for the astonishment of many tech experts and analysts who believed that the Redmond-based giant was done with cell phone production.

The decline in the sales of its Lumia and Windows Phone divisions has led Microsoft to lay off thousands of employees as part of a $7.6 billion write-off. Still, rumors suggest that the company plans to introduce a surface-brand phone for next year.

In May, Microsoft has entered into a negotiation with Foxconn subsidiary FIX Mobile with regards to the selling of the division that sells Nokia-branded phones. According to ZDNet, the deal is worth $350 million.

However, the launching of the new Nokia unit may have changed the perspective of the supposed arrangement. A spokesman from Microsoft has confirmed that the tech company's feature phone business will continue until the closing of the transaction in the second half of 2016.

The 216 is probably the most basic phone of the year. It also has a 2.4-inch QVGA display. Its camera, which operates on both sides, has 0.3MP capability. Microsoft's new product comes with an Opera mini-browser plus a headphone jack. The cell phone runs on a Series 30+ operating system which succeeded the discontinued Series 30. This OS does not run Java apps but has access to Facebook. Instead of a touch screen, it has an alphanumeric keypad to contend with.

According to the Microsoft website, the phone provides high-quality voice calls, an outstanding battery life, a built-in torch light, an FM radio, an MP 3 and video player plus 18 hours of talk time. Moreover, up to 2,000 contacts can be saved on its memory.

This Nokia device has an extended storage space considering that it has a 16MB RAM and a card slot that allows up to 32GB of external memory. It is Bluetooth-capable and provides dual SIM card slots.

Although the 216 is devoid of sophisticated or cutting edge components, the phone can still make it big in the market judging from the fact that Microsoft is selling a million units of its feature items monthly. The new device will be released in October this year.



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