Legendary Pokemon are special, one-of-a-kind creatures that can be found in very specific areas of the popular Pokemon game series. In the newest version of the game for Nintendo DS, you'll often hear other characters discuss these Pokemon and give hints as to where to find them. These are typically very strong and extremely difficult to catch, however, if you manage to capture one, you'll be nearly unstoppable - and also very cool.

Below is our list of some of the best Legendary Pokemon and where you can find them, courtesy of IGN.

Xerneas: This Pokemon is known as the "Life Pokemon." It's a part of the new Fairy-type and knows the Fairy Aura Ability, which strengthens Fairy-type moves of all Pokemon in the battle. It can be found in Team Flare Secret HQ, but only on Pokemon X (it is the exclusive capture for that game. It's counter-part can be found below).

Yveltal: This is known as the Destruction Pokemon. It's of the Dark/Flying-type of Pokemon and knows the Dark Aura Ability, which boosts the power of all Dark-type moves in a battle. This legendary Pokemon can be found in Team Flare Secret HQ, the same as Xerneas, but only on Pokemon Y.

Zygarde: This is known as the Order Pokemon. It's of the Dragon/Ground-types of Pokemon and can utilize the Aura Break Ability, which reverses the effects of all other Aura Abilities in battle. This Pokemon can be found in Terminus Cave after becoming the Pokemon League Champion.

Mewtwo: The famous 150th Pokemon returns in "Pokemon X and Y" as a Legendary capture. The only reason known for its return at this time is to showcase the new Mega Evolutions features. Unlike most Mega Pokemon, Mewtwo can either turn into a Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y depending on the Mega Stone that is given to it.

Mewtwo is located inside the Unknown Dungeon at the Pokemon village, but you can only access this cave after becoming a Pokemon League Champion. After its capture, you will receive Mewtwonite X or Y depending on the version of the game you are playing. With X, it will become Psychic/Fighting with increased Attack stat. Y will make it stay Psychic with an increased Special Attack stat.

A more complete list of all of these Legendary Pokemon as well as detailed instructions on where and how to find and capture them can be found HERE via IGN.