If you want to live the life of a successful pirate, you will need to upgrade your ship in order to plunder away without constantly desynchronizing in "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag."

Like I've said before, you live by your ship as a pirate and Edward Kenway feels no different about his Jackdaw.  Fighting enemy ships is a great way to upgrade her, but you could also do some treasure hunting for find Elite Ship Upgrades that will make the Jackdaw one of the most feared on the high seas.

Check out the list of locations below, courtesy of IGN.

Elite Ship Upgrades List: (Upgrade, Location, Coordinates)

--Elite Round Shot Strength: Kabah Ruins (769, 145) 
--Elite Hull Armor: San Ignacio (379, 770) 
--Elite Swivel Guns: Devil's Eye Cave (487, 357)
--Elite Harpoon Strength (Chest Required): Andreas Island (579, 720)
--Elite Broadside Cannons Set: The Blue Hole (471, 170)
--Elite Heavy Shot Storage (Chest Required): Petite Cavern (901, 263)
--Elite Heavy Shot Strength (Chest Required): Misteriosa (307, 195)
--Elite Fire Barrel Strength (Chest Required): San Juan (479, 487)
--Elite Fire Barrel Storage: Isla Providencia (502, 44) 
--Elite Ram: La Concepcion Shipwreck (181, 296)
--Elite Mortars: Antocha (630, 660)
--Elite Mortars Storage (Chest Required): Matanzas (333, 650)

On the list you see some of the Elite Upgrades require a chest.  If you haven't already, I would suggest you find all 22 buried treasure chests in the game before you look for the upgrades.

Some of the Elite items can be acquired simultaneously once you find its related buried treasure chest, pointing you in the right direction.  For the chest-required items, you have no other option and must find the buried treasure to unlock your Jackdaw upgrades.

No worries! We've got the pirate booty locations for you as wellClick HERE and HERE for the locations of the 22 buried chests in "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag."

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