Your pirating adventures in "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag" will lead you to some hidden spoils worth diving the depths of the high seas to uncover and claim as your own.

In the first part of our buried treasures list, we uncovered 10 of the spoils waiting in the many isles of the Caribbean, which you can find HERE. In our second list, we have found 12 more hidden chests and their coordinates.

Check out the list of locations for chests 11 to 22 below, courtesy of IGN.

Chest #11 (749, 625): "Located towards the northwest of Salt Lagoon, this chest contains the Serpent Figurehead and 3,000 Reales."

Chest #12 (55, 178): "When swimming through a tunnel at Ambergris Key, you get to a chamber with ruins inside. Look at the sandy area to the south in this chamber. It contains 4,000 Reales."

Chest #13 (565, 539): "Right under a palm tree in Jiguey. The chest contains 4,000 Reales."

Chest #14 (606, 835): "Right by the shipwreck on Abaco Island, this chest has 4,000 Reales."

Chest #15 (442, 118): "On the eastern most tip of New Bone, not too far from a windmill. The chest has 4,000 Reales."

Chest #16 (479, 487): "When you pop up from underwater at San Juan and see two guards, take them out and go just to the right of the opening that leads to the next chamber. The chest has the Elite Fire Barrel Strength plan and 3,000 Reales."

Chest #17 (335, 469): "To the left of the huge temple on Pinos Isle. It contains the Aquila's wheel plans and 3,000 Reales."

Chest #18 (579, 720): "On a small island off the southern most tip of Andreas Island. It contains the Elite Harpoon plans and 3,000 Reales."

Chest #19 (901, 263): "In the Southwest corner of the smuggler's den in Petite Caverne. This chest has the plans for the Elite Heavy Shot Storage and 3,000 Reales."

Chest #20 (679, 3810): "From Kenway's Fleet. Located on the very northern tip of Cumberland Bay. It contains 4,000 Reales."

Chest #21 (502, 44): "From Kenway's Fleet. Located in the southern bay area of Isla Providencia on the shore by the shipwreck."

Chest #22 (621, 277): " From Kenway's Fleet. Located right next to the ladder that leads out of the Smuggler's Den at Anotto Bay. It contains 4,000 Reales."

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