When you head into your Jackdaw's captain's quarters in "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag", you'll find an option that allows you to access Edward Kenway's Fleet, but how often do you really use it?

Remember in "Assassin's Creed III" where Connor could send out convoys to earn extra cash? The concept of Kenway's Fleet in AC4 is very similar and you should take advantage of it. While you're pirating and plundering, your fleet will be earning you Reales.

Check out the break down of how Kenway's Fleet operates below, courtest of Ubisoft's official blog.

Kenway's Fleet: What Is Exactly?

"Kenway's Fleet is a metagame you can access either through Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag or the companion app. Acquire ships through the boarding process and send them to join your fleet. From there you can send them on trading missions to gain a little extra cash."

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

"You'll need to make sure you have the right ship for the job. Sometimes a ship will be too weak to make a journey and sometimes it just won't have enough cargo space. Obviously you want to send ships with a high probability of success."

How To Increase Your Fleet's Chances Of Success

"You can select a stronger ship or you can take part in a battle to make a route less hazardous. In these battles you'll select up to three ships from your fleet (they will not be available for battle if they are on a trading mission) to take on a group of enemy ships. The difficulty of these fights will depend on how dangerous the route is. Sometimes you'll be up against tiny gunboats and sometimes it'll be brigs and frigates."

How You Can Help Your Fellow AC4 Gamer Pals

"You can find your friends through the metagame menu and you'll receive the option to either escort them or help speed up their journey. They can do the same for you in return."

Resources: Where To Get Them

"These are also earned by taking part in battles. Clear out a dangerous route and you'll acquire different resources that you can use to complete missions."

Can you control your Fleet outside of the game? YES!

"Edward's Fleet is an online feature that allows a single player to interact with multiple players on consoles or via the game's companion app. The feature requires an Internet connection to use. The real time updates also require this connection."

Kenway's Fleet: How to use the companion app

"It works the same way it does in the game. The upside to the companion app is you can access your fleet anywhere you have wifi. Check on missions while you're on your lunch break at work or maybe during a commute. Collect your rewards and send ships back out for more battles or trades."

The complete list of currently compatible devices:

iPad 2,3,4; iPad mini; Android; Google Nexus 7; Google Nexus 7 (2013); Google Nexus 10; Galaxy Note 10.1 N8010; Sony Xperia Tablet Z; Asus Transformer TF700 Pad Infinity; Samsung P3100 Galaxy Tab 2; Samsung GT-P5110 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1; Asus Transformer Prime TF201

Still have questions about how to operate Kenway's Fleet? Check out the full ubisoft feature here.